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'Nondescript News' is a compilation of TV stills (partly hidden by the speed of the medium) from several European news bulletins.
These public images were watched collectively and categorically and form part of our worldview.

Stripped of commentary and freed from their context, these explicit images have been neutralised.
They are open to interpretation; an appeal is made to the viewer’s archive of images.
This always produces (individual) associations.
But these rely on external iconography and may include stereotypes and preconceptions.

What have we all been watching and can we still interpret images in their originality?

Hans Koster

P a r t i c i p a t i o n s

Nondescript News/Kunstenlab - Deventer (2012)
Ob Skene/Departement voor Filosofie en Kunst - Assen (2007)
Research project Media2Politic/the New Media Lab of the Graduate Center of City University of New York (2006)

Nice Pictures/Noorderlicht - Groningen (2005)

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